Basic Online Telemetry

Basic Online Telemetry

Aucamp Electronics has designed a Basic Online Telemetry unit. This long term solution allows the user to remotely monitor any field instrument accurately.

Mains powered (230V 50Hz AC) or solar options, both with a backup battery module for limited   support during power outages.

4 telemetry units - Aucamp Electronics 4 telemetry units - Aucamp Electronics


Remote monitoring:

  • Bulk Tank and Storage Vessels Levels:
    • Cryogenic & Industrial Gases
    • LPG / Butane / Propane
    • Fuel Oils / Diesel / Petrol
    • Food Grade Products (Sugar, Vegetable Oils, etc.)
    • Resin
  • Dumpies, Cylinders & Manifolds
    • Weather Stations
    • Water Reticulation Systems
    • Electricity Supply Panels

    Overfill Protection

    Local Indication & Alarms

    And many more…

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