Electronic Management Systems

Aucamp Electronics provides Electronic Management Systems for the effective and economical control of all logistical requirements.

Real-time monitoring of fixed Plants, Depots, Bulk Storage Vessels, and much more

telemetry units


  Remote Monitoring

  • Bulk Tank and Storage Vessels
  • Loadcells
  • Weather Stations
  • Water Reticulation Systems
  • Electricity Supply Systems
  • Etc.

  Cylinder Manifold Monitoring

  ATG (Automatic Tank Gauging)

  Diesel Management Systems

  LPG Plant / Depot Automation

  LPG Emergency and Safety Systems

  Hospital Alarm Systems & Essential Services

  Forklift Metering

  LPG Scale Inventory & Monitoring

  Overfill Protection

  Electrical Distribution


  Much more… 

  Differential Pressure Transmitters

  Static & Submersible Pressure Transmitters

  Pressure Switches

  Temperature Transmitters

  Guided Microwave Level Transmitters

  Ultra-Sonic Level Transmitters

  LPG Tank Guages

  PLC Systems

  Electronic Displays

  Solenoid Valves

  Handheld Calibrators

  Gas and Flame Detection

  Radio / Hog Transmitters

  Safety Manifolds

  Flow Meters

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